Indispensable Tips In Finding The Best Nesting Dolls You’ll Love

With the growth of popularity, female Nesting dolls itself developed. Cool nesting doll toys began to make its way to different areas in their own way. Now you can find a variety of scenes on the dolls themselves, the forms and styles of their painting. Usually they are distinguished by the city of production. Modern masters make not only the classic Nesting dolls, but also paint on the plots of fairy tales and works of domestic authors, there are musical dolls timed to coincide with holidays, in the form of famous cartoon characters, animals, world politicians, historical personalities. But nevertheless, every time we say “nesting dolls”, we immediately imagine a cheerful Russian girl in a bright national costume.

Symbols of Russia

One of the most famous symbols of Russiathe nesting dollswas originally conceived as a children’s educational toy, but over time it turned into a world-famous souvenir. The agency correspondents learned about the path the doll had to make.

  • There are many versions of the origin of the nesting dolls. According to the most accurate, having confirmation, the nesting dolls appeared in Moscow in 1898, in the workshop “Children’s Education”, which belonged to the Mamontov family famous Russian merchants and philanthropists, the keeper of the museum values ??of the Art and Pedagogical Museum of the Bartram Vera toy Polyakova.It was for this workshop turner VasilyZvezdochkin and artist Sergey Malyutin who created the first model of the toy. The first doll was eight-person, the smaller one was inserted into the larger one and so on to the smallest one in Russia.
  • However, the name “Matryona” for a toy sounded too serious, so they began to use its diminutive form, the museum employee explained.According to her, in the first nesting dolls the main doll was depicted as a Russian girl in a sundress, a headscarf and a rooster in her hands, and inserts into heras peasant children.At the beginning of the 20th century, the craft was transferred from Moscow to SergievPosad, the masters of the city continued the tradition of making dolls, says DariaBaranova, head of the design department of the Graduate School of Folk Arts branch of the SergievPosad Institute.

According to her, in 1904, the nesting dolls came to the World Exhibition in Paris and very quickly gained fame. Since then, it began its march around the world, and it has become a kind of symbol of Russia. Well, since at that time it was already made in SergievPosad, it was this city that was considered the birthplace of nesting dolls. Nesting dolls is considered both a toy and a souvenir. Until now, the doll is widely used in preschool institutions as a good didactic material, with its help, children learn the colors, size, shape of objects.On the example of the nesting dolls it is easy to explain the difference between big and small, you can’t put a big one into small nesting dolls, children understand this very well.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, artists experimented with the form of a nested doll, made it conical, helmet-shaped, and changed its painting. Masters began to reveal the plots of literary works with the help of nested dolls, to capture historical events. For example, by the centenary of the war of 1812 two nested dolls were made with the FrenchNapoleon and Kutuzov with their headquarters. By the centenary of the birth of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, the dolls with the characters of his literary works Dead Souls and The Inspector were made. They produced a lot of nesting dolls depicting different nations in national costumes.And to one of the anniversaries of the October Revolution, they made a nesting dolls meter in height, and on it were depicted the peoples of the republics in national costumes that are part of the USSR.However, over time, they returned to the traditional image of the nesting dolls in the form of a girl. ABC News even posted an article about nesting dolls.

The process of making nesting dolls

The nesting dolls is made mainly of linden, because it is a very clean tree, it contains almost no branches and is also quite soft for processing, said the teacher of drawing and painting at the faculty “Arts and Crafts” of the First Moscow Educational Complex Elena Kalyonova, who also uses dolls in teaching dances.

In Soviet times and during the Perestroika years, the nesting dolls was tried to be made from birch. But birch is harder, its wood color has a warmer shade, so they refused it. Many craftsmen do not paint the faces of dolls, and the color of linden wood is better than the color of birch wood, and it conveys the hue of human skin.

Wooden bars for the manufacture of dolls come to the factory, where they give the traditional shape. Then the wooden blanks are transferred to the artist. First, the artist primes the wood, that is, covers it with white glue or paste. This is done so that the paint does not soak into the wood of the nested doll and does not spread on it. And then, when varnish is applied to the paint, it also does not absorb into the wood.

After the primer is dry, the outline of the drawing is applied. The middle of each nesting dolls is marked so that the center of the face and all the figures coincide (so that there are no displaced parts).Pencil draws the oval of the face, the main parts and parts of clothing.After that, large color patches are poured in usually a sundress, a scarf and a shirt.After all the color patches are filled in, a detailed study of the drawing begins: the face and the decor on the clothes are carefully drawn. The painting ends with the addition of shadows that make the picture voluminous. You can find many beautifuly crafted nesting dolls online.

Last Words

After finishing the painting, the nesting dolls are varnished in order to fix the drawing, to give the toy brightness and a nice glossy look.The classic version: the dolls are painted in red, green, blue and their combinationsyellow, orange.The painting time depends on the size of the nesting dolls and the complexity of the pattern. On average, this process takes from 1.5 to two or three hours.In the nesting dolls can be any number of places, it can be both single and hundred local.Usually in the nesting dolls can be from three to nine places.