Gray Lady Down
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Excerpt in the New Criterion, November

Ed Driscoll, 11/3/10 Op-Ed, 11/16/10

Politico, 11/16/10 Q and A, 11/21/10 Podcast 12/1/10

Human Events review by Daniel Flynn, 12/2/10

Taki's Magazine interview with Gavin McInnes, 12/3/10

TimesWatch (on the New York Times Book Review's refusal to review), 12/6/10

Accuracy in Media interview 12/13/2010

Accuracy in Media podcast 12/13/2010

Thomas Sowell Christmas Books 12/14/2010

FOX Op-Ed 12/17/2010

Timeswatch Quotes of the Year 12/29/2010

Politico 2/1/2011

NewsBusters 2/11/2011 Op-Ed 3/4/2011

FOX Op-Ed 3/7/2011

Bruce Bawer, Pajamas Media 3/21/2011 

Powerline Op-Ed 3/31/2011

FOX April Fools 4/1/2011

Media Bistro Podcast Interview 4/4/2011

Powerline Op-Ed Part 14/6/2011

Powerline Op-Ed Part 2 4/8/2011

Powerline Op-Ed Part 3 4/11/2011

Powerline Op-Ed Part 4 4/18/2011

Powerline Op-Ed Part 5 4/21/2011

Miami Herald report by Glenn Garvin 4/25/11

Powerline Op-Ed Part 6 5/2/2011

Instapundit 5/9/2011

New York Post 6/7/2011

American Rattlesnake (Podcast) 7/11/2011

Powerline 7/11/2011

NPR 7/27/2011

The Daily Caller 5/10/2012


St. Francis College February 27

Union Club May 10

Penn Club May 17

New York Public Library (Columbus Branch) 8/31/11

Center for Communication panel discussion with Andrew Rossi, director of "Page One" documentary. 9/30/11

Chaos Club 11/15/11


CNN’s American Morning, 10/22/10

The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel 11/15/10

Fox News Watch 12/11/2010

McGowan on NBC Nightly News 1/5/2011

FOX News Watch 1/15/2011

C-SPAN St. Francis College Debate "Is the New York Times Good for Democracy?" with Michael Tomasky - Sunday, February 27th at 12:15 am (ET) and 7:15 pm (ET)

Hannity's America Special on Media Bias 4/22/2011

Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld 3/27/2012 


Upfront with Vicki McKenna, WIBA (Madison, WI) 10/25/10

Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One (nationally syndicated) 10/25/10

Bill Cunningham, WLW (Cincinnati, with some national syndication) 10/26/10 Radio, WZFG (North Dakota and Internet) 11/12/10

Steve Malzberg Show, WOR (NYC, with some national syndication) 11/16/10

Jerry Doyle Show, Talk Radio Network (nationally syndicated) 11/16/10

Dennis Miller (pre-taped on 11/12/10) Westwood One (nationally syndicated) 11/19/10

The Mancow Radio Experience, Talk Radio Network (nationally syndicated) 11/19/10

Lars Larson Show, Compass Media (nationally syndicated) 11/19/10

Mancow’s WABC Show (New York City), 11/21/10 (taped)

Dana Loesch Show, Talk 97.1 FM (St. Louis, MO) 11/22/10

Take AIM (Accuracy in Media), 11/24/10 (Internet based)

Mike Rosen, KOA (Denver), 11/24/10

Janet Mefferd Show, Salem Radio Network (nationally syndicated, as well as XM Satellite) 11/29/10

America’s Morning News, 11/30/10 (Nationally syndicated on Talk Radio Network)

Kresta in the Afternoon, 11/30/10 (Nationally syndicated on Ave Maria Radio Network)

Chip Franklin Mornings, KOGO San Diego, 12/2/10

The Bill and Joel Morning Show, WDUN Gainesville GA, 12/2/10

Tony Cruise and the Morning Team, WHAS Louisville KY, 12/2/10

Newstalk AM with John Watson, WILM Wilmington, DE, 12/2/10

Take AIM (Accuracy in Media), 12/2/10 (second interview)

Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn, 12/2/10 (limited national syndication)

The Raffaele Report, WCHE News (West Chester, PA), 12/3/10 1:30 PM

Blog Talk Radio “Patriot Games Radio” Tuesday, 12/7/10 9 to 9:30 PM (Internet based)

African American Conservatives Radio, 12/7 10 to 11 PM ET (Internet based)

Martha Zoller, GNN Radio (Georgia regional) 12/8/10, 11:30 AM ET

Dennis Prager, 12/14/10, 1:20 PM ET (Nationally syndicated)

Ronn Owens, 12/16/10 (Nationally syndicated)

Milt Rosenberg, 12/20/10 (Nationally syndicated)

Vicki McKenna, 12/26/10, Milwaukee, WI

Barbara Simpson, KSFO, 
2/5 4pm PST, San Francisco, CA 

NPR "All Things Considered" 7/27/11

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