8 Best Electronic Gadgets for an Enhanced Learning

There’s no denying that raising children can be tiresome. However, there’s no better thing than having them around, watching as they progress and become brighter than we will ever be. But if you want their educational experience to be better, you should invest in gadgets and devices that allow for enhanced learning while still providing fun.


With so much high-tech around us these days, finding the best device for your kid can be pretty hard. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of eight electronic gadgets for learning. They range from simple, game-oriented to more advanced toys for older children and even teens. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Osmo — Creative Starter Kit

For quite some time now, Osmo has been the leading tech manufacturer for kids of all ages. They have products for children too, and they’re pretty rad. Their “Creative Starter Kit” is what any kid with an inclination towards drawing would love. Moreover, it’s even better if they love science and interactive games.


In essence, the kids use hand-held drawing plates that come to life thanks to an iPad. And in case you take it on a trip, it will still work because it doesn’t require Wi-Fi or any internet connection. The recommended ages for this educational gadget are between five and ten years.


Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it too. After all, aren’t we all kids disguised in adult shells? Jokes aside, parent reviews recommend that you play together with your child the first time so that they fully understand how it works. Your comments will also help them use the kit even better whenever they’re alone with it.

Nintendo Switch

Wonder what the best console for kids on Amazon is right now? Well, it’s the Nintendo Switch. Of course, this isn’t just a device for kids and teens. You can also use it, no matter how old you are, as it’s fun and not that expensive. It costs around $350, making it affordable for most parents.


The best thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it’s suitable for any gaming lifestyle. In other words, it can transform into a hand-held device from a home console in no time. It also offers online gaming (multiplayer), but it needs an internet connection — Wi-Fi to be precise — and you can connect with seven more consoles simultaneously.


When it comes to user reviews, they’re pretty positive. In fact, some claim that it’s like a portal that leads them back to their childhood days. Although it’s a fairly new gadget, it somehow recaptures that cool and retro feel of old consoles like Super Nintendo and the Game Cube we all loved a couple of decades ago.

LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander

What kid doesn’t love Star Wars? Moreover, are there any adults who dislike it as well? We’d have to say that chances of someone not loving George Lucas’ lovechild are slim. Therefore, our third pick on this list is LEGO’s “Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander.” This product is all about problem-solving and primitive coding. As such, it can introduce your child to the basics of engineering and even robotics.


With the use of your LEGO “Droid Commander,” the user can control their droids and send them on forty different missions. All this is possible with a Bluetooth connection. The recommended ages for this gadget are eight and above, making it suitable for teens and even Star Wars-loving adults.


Just like the previous two entries on our list, this one has tons of positive reviews too. “The build quality is the same as the previous BOOST set, only it’s Star Wars,” one of our friends who has children said, visibly joyous due to his nerdy obsession with this franchise.

Kindle Kids

Not all kids enjoy reading, and that’s okay. They’d instead do something else with their free time, just like you did when you were their age. However, some can’t get enough books. For those, Kindle Kids is the best gadget for learning that you can buy them if they’re cute little bookworms. 


Kindle Kids is a high-quality device with a black and white outfit. But if you or your kid want to refresh its looks, you can get a cover of your choice. From rainbow birds to all kinds of other sweet animals, you can find it all online for a few extra bucks. In the reviews, the parents are all raving about how good of a device this is.


Kindle Kids is for kids older than five.

Holy Stone Mini Drone

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no need to worry. Our list is for everyone. Allow us to introduce you to a $25 high-tech gadget that your kids are going to fall in love with instantly. 


Holy Stone Mini Drone is a great device that allows your kids to explore the skies and has just enough battery life to keep them occupied while you do the dishes.


Since it’s remotely controlled, the Holy Stone Mini Drone can do all kinds of tricks and turns. Even the landings will be epic. But what can children learn from this gadget? Well, the remote control stick will help them develop motor skills. The parents all love it, saying they envy their kids and want to keep the toy for themselves.

Spehro Spacedrums

Kids love music, especially mimicking playing it. But what’s the most fun instrument? Well, it’s the drums. It just seems so cool to keep a rhythm and play beats. So, if your kid is into jamming, Sphero Spacedrums is the tech toy for them.


This gadget mixes the art of music and modern technology. It provides you with rings that connect with an app on your phone, and when you use them to tap different colors, they play varying sounds. From loops to simple rhythms, Sphero Spacedrums can play almost anything you can imagine.


The manufacturer says that Sphero Spacedrums are for ages six and up. And for the parent reviews, well, they love it. They think it’s a perfect gift for Christmas and will make their kids understand and love music early on

OurLife Waterproof Camera

For under $50, you can buy your child one heck of a digital camera. OurLife Waterproof Camera will work perfectly when your kids enjoy the pool, go to the beach, or hang around bars with you. Of course, if they want to, they can use it while snorkeling or doing other outdoor activities with friends after school.


Not only is this waterproof camera great fun, but it will also help them develop their artistic skills with photography. And after a couple of years, they can look up their old photos and laugh with you together. The camera comes with an 8 GB memory card, meaning they’ll have plenty of room to store images.


This high-tech educational gadget is for kids between the ages of four and fifteen. When it comes to parent reviews, well, they’re more than positive. They seem to think this is a perfect piece of tech to take on summer vacations. Additionally, they enjoy the rubber layer that prevents the camera from breaking if it falls.