Gray Lady Down
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 Gray Lady Down:

What the Decline and Fall of the New York Times Means for America

by William McGowan

The New York Times was once considered the gold standard in American journalism and the most trusted news organization in America. Today, it is generally understood to be a vehicle for politically correct ideologies, tattered liberal pieties, and a repeated victim of journalistic scandal and institutional embarrassment.

In Gray Lady Down, the hard-hitting follow up to Coloring the News, William McGowan asks who is responsible for squandering the finest legacy in American journalism. Combining original reporting, critical assessment and analysis, McGowan exposes the Times' obsessions with diversity, soft pop cultural news, and countercultural Vietnam-era attitudinizing, and reveals how these trends have set America's most important news icon at odds with its journalistic mission — and with the values and perspectives of much of mainstream America.

Gray Lady Down considers the consequences — for the Times, for the media, and, most important, for American society and its political processes at this fraught moment in our nation's history. In this highly volatile media environment, the fate of the Times may portend the future of the fourth estate.

What they are saying about Gray Lady Down: 

"A thoughtful, vividly supported expose."

- Juan Williams, FOX News

"McGowan shows us that things at the Times aren't as bad as we'd thought. They're worse!" 
- Mickey Kaus, Newsweek

"Read William McGowan’s book to better understand how and why the Gray Lady has fallen on such hard times."
- Cliff May, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

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